How To Have Intimacy With Jesus


In our journey of faith, we often overlook the profound truth that Jesus always promotes intimacy. This concept is beautifully exemplified in the story of the woman who touched Jesus' garment and experienced a miraculous healing. Through this encounter, we learn that Jesus not only died for our intimacy with Him but also desires for us to seek Him with a passionate and desperate faith. In this article, we will explore the significance of intimacy with Jesus, the role of faith and action, and the transformative power that comes from encountering His presence.

The Story of the Woman and Jesus' Response

In the story, as recorded in the Gospels, a large crowd surrounds Jesus, pressing in on Him from every side. Amidst the chaos, a woman who had been suffering from a debilitating condition for twelve years reaches out in faith and touches the fringe of Jesus' garment. Instantly, she is healed.

The Power of a Simple Touch

The significance of this moment cannot be overstated. While many were physically touching Jesus, it was the touch of this woman that released power from Him. Her faith propelled her to reach out and touch the very fabric that clothed the Son of God. It was a simple act, but it carried profound consequences.

The Faith that Moves Mountains

The woman's act of faith teaches us an important lesson. Faith requires action. It is not enough to merely be in proximity to Jesus; we must actively seek Him with desperate faith. When our faith is ignited, it moves us to step out and touch the fringes of His presence, believing that even the slightest encounter can transform our lives.

Jesus' Response and the Invitation to Testify

Jesus, fully aware of the power that had been released, turns to the crowd and asks, "Who touched me?" This question may seem puzzling, considering the multitude of people surrounding Him. However, Jesus was not referring to physical touch alone. He was calling attention to the touch of faith, the touch that released His power.

The Heart of Jesus: Moved by Intimacy and Faith

Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus consistently demonstrates His heart for intimacy with His people. He is moved by acts of faith and responds with compassion and power. This reveals a profound truth - our God is not distant or detached, but intimately involved in our lives.

The Centurion's Faith: A Marvel to Jesus

One instance that showcases Jesus' response to faith is found in the story of the centurion who sought healing for his servant. The centurion's faith astounds Jesus, as he declares that Jesus only needs to speak the word for healing to occur. Jesus is moved by this display of faith and marvels at the centurion's understanding of His authority.

Jesus Weeping: A Heart Moved by Compassion

When Lazarus, a dear friend of Jesus, dies, we witness a powerful display of Jesus' compassion. Despite knowing that He would raise Lazarus from the dead, Jesus weeps. His tears reveal His deep love and empathy for humanity, illustrating that our God is not indifferent to our pain but deeply cares for us.

Cultivating Intimacy with Jesus: A Heart of Desperation

The stories of the woman who touched Jesus' garment and the centurion's faith teach us the importance of cultivating intimacy with Jesus. We are called to have a heart of desperation, where we earnestly seek Him and believe in His power to transform our lives.

Shifting from Cultural Christianity to Desperation

It is crucial for us to shift our mindset from cultural Christianity to a place of desperation. We must move beyond the rituals and routines and embrace the heart of worship and pursuit of Jesus. This requires a recognition that encountering His presence is not just about going through the motions but about experiencing a life-altering encounter with the living God.

The Power of Testimony: Sharing the Impact of Encounter

When the woman who touched Jesus' garment is called to testify, she seizes the opportunity. In the presence of all the people, she boldly shares her story of healing and how her faith led her to reach out to Jesus. This act of testimony not only ministers to the crowd but also moves the heart of Jesus, as He witnesses her willingness to share the impact of her encounter.

Overcoming by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of Testimony

Our testimonies hold tremendous power. They reveal the work of God in our lives and serve as a reminder of His faithfulness. By sharing our encounters with Jesus, we overcome the challenges we face and inspire others to seek Him with the same desperation and faith.

Taking Action: Faith in Motion

Faith without action is incomplete. It is not enough to believe in Jesus; we must put that belief into action. Our actions are an expression of our faith and open the door for God to work in our lives.

Faith Activates Consequences: A Recipe for Testimony

Faith, action, and consequences are intricately connected. When we step out in faith and take action, we set in motion a sequence of events that lead to transformative consequences. This is the recipe for a powerful testimony - a testimony that demonstrates the reality of God's work in our lives.

The Role of Action in Our Walk with Jesus

Our actions reflect the depth of our faith. If we truly believe in who Jesus is and what He has done for us, it will naturally lead us to take action. Whether it is joining a life group, diving deeper into Scripture, or worshiping wholeheartedly, our faith in Jesus should compel us to actively pursue Him.

Moving the Heart of God: Faith that Captivates

When our faith is activated by action, it moves God's heart. Just as Jesus marveled at the centurion's faith and wept for Lazarus, our acts of faith captivate the heart of our loving Savior. He delights in our pursuit of Him and responds with His presence, power, and love.


Jesus always promotes intimacy with Him. Through the stories of the woman who touched His garment and the centurion's faith, we see the transformative power that comes from encountering His presence with a desperate and passionate faith. Our God is not distant or detached but deeply involved in our lives, moved by acts of faith and compassion. May we cultivate intimacy with Jesus, shifting from cultural Christianity to a heart of desperation. Let us take action, allowing our faith to propel us into encounters with Him, and share our testimonies to inspire others. As we embrace intimacy with Jesus, our lives will be forever transformed, and His heart will be moved by our pursuit.
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