Living In God's Will: Discovering His Strategies for Your Life

As believers, it is our desire to live in God's will and fulfill the purpose He has for our lives. We long to participate in His strategies and experience the deliverance and blessings that come from aligning ourselves with His plans. Just like Samson, who played a significant role in delivering the children of Israel from bondage, we too can discover God's strategies and actively participate in His divine plan.

The Foundation: A Divine Promise

Samson's story began with a promise from God to his parents. Despite their inability to conceive, the angel of the Lord appeared to them and declared that they would have a child who would save the Israelites from their enemies. Excited and willing to participate in God's strategy, they eagerly accepted the conditions set by the angel.

God's Plan of Deliverance

Before Samson even came into the picture, the children of Israel found themselves in bondage once again. They had turned away from the Lord, and as a result, the Philistines ruled over them. However, between verse one and verse two of Judges Chapter 15, we see a shift. Verse one describes their state of oppression, but verse two reveals God's plan for their deliverance. This serves as a reminder that no matter what situation we may find ourselves in, God already has a plan of deliverance for us.

Drawing Close: Hearing the Voice of God

To participate in God's strategies, we must draw close to Him and learn to discern His voice. The closer we are to the center of God's will, the clearer His voice becomes. It is essential to prioritize our relationship with Him and cultivate an environment where we can hear His voice. This requires drawing near to God through prayer, reading His Word, and seeking His guidance.

The Will of God: A Circle of Protection

God's will can be represented as a circle, encompassing everything that is good, pleasing, and perfect. As we surrender ourselves to God as living sacrifices, we position ourselves within the circle of His will. This circle acts as a place of protection, shielding us from the attacks of the enemy.

The Dangers of Straying: Fuzzy Voices

Once we begin to move away from the center of God's will, the clarity of His voice diminishes. The closer we get to the world and its attractions, the more difficult it becomes to discern God's voice. Just as the Israelites were enticed by the lifestyle of the Philistines, we too can be drawn towards worldly pleasures. It is crucial to recognize the danger of straying and the impact it has on our ability to hear God's voice.

Samson's Journey: From God's Will to the Vineyard

Samson's life serves as a cautionary tale of the consequences of straying from God's will. He started off in the center of God's will, fulfilling his role as a judge and deliverer of Israel. However, temptation led him to a vineyard, symbolizing a departure from God's perfect plan. With each step away from God's will, Samson encountered challenges and compromises that tested his faith.

The Importance of Obedience: Trusting God's Word

Samson's journey outside of God's will involved disobedience to the specific instructions given to him. He was not to touch anything unclean, which included a Philistine woman and even honey from a lion's carcass. These seemingly harmless actions were contrary to God's commands for Samson's life. Obedience is crucial in participating in God's strategies and experiencing His blessings.

The Faithfulness of God: Fulfilling His Promises

Despite Samson's disobedience, God remained faithful to His promises. He empowered Samson to defeat a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey, even though Samson had already been given a spear. This serves as a reminder that God is always true to His word and will fulfill His promises, even when we make mistakes.

Embracing God's Strategies: Living in His Will

Living in God's will requires embracing His strategies and actively participating in His plans. It involves drawing close to Him, discerning His voice, and obeying His commands. As we surrender ourselves to God's will, we position ourselves within His circle of protection, experiencing His deliverance and blessings. By staying faithful and obedient, we can confidently trust in His faithfulness to fulfill His promises in our lives.


Living in God's will is not about blindly following a set of rules, but about actively participating in His strategies and plans for our lives. Like Samson's parents, we can start by embracing the promises God has given us. Drawing close to Him, discerning His voice, and obeying His commands are essential in staying within the protective circle of His will. Despite our failings, God remains faithful, and by embracing His strategies, we can experience His deliverance and blessings. Let us seek to live in God's will, discovering His strategies and walking confidently in His plan for our lives.
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