Choosing Humility Over Pride: A Lesson from Gideon's Story

In life, we often face situations that test our character and challenge our beliefs. One such story that offers valuable insights is the tale of Gideon. His journey teaches us the importance of choosing humility over pride. As we delve into this powerful message, let us explore how humility can transform our lives and lead us to a deeper connection with God.

The Call to Humility

Embracing Humility

Humility is a virtue that can shape our perspectives and actions. The Apostle Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 1:31, "Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord." This scripture emphasizes the need to redirect our focus from self-promotion to acknowledging God's sovereignty. Gideon's story resonates with this truth, as he humbly accepted God's call to lead Israel against their enemies.

Recognizing Pride

Pride, on the other hand, can blind us to our limitations and deceive us into thinking that we are in control. It often manifests in subtle ways, obscuring our ability to trust God completely. Just as Deborah proclaimed her role as the mother of all Israel and Moses declared himself the humblest man on earth, we, too, must confront our own pride and its influence on our lives.

Finding God in Unexpected Places

Divine Encounters

God has a remarkable way of revealing Himself to us in the most unexpected circumstances. Gideon encountered God in a winepress while threshing wheat, a seemingly mundane task. Similarly, we may find ourselves in unconventional settings when God chooses to speak to us. Whether it's during our quiet moments in the shower or in the midst of our daily routines, God seeks to connect with us and reveal His truth.

Pride Exposed

During one such encounter in the shower, God unveiled a hidden pride in Pastor Mark’s life. It was a fear that, in the face of societal unrest, he wouldn't be able to protect his family. This fear, rooted in pride, stemmed from a desire for control over an uncontrollable situation. However, God gently reminded him that true protection comes from surrendering to Him, the ultimate source of security.

Trusting God in the Face of Fear

The Paradox of Fear

Fear has a way of gripping our hearts and paralyzing us in a state of worry. Yet, as believers, we are called to trust in God's sovereignty and power. Though Pastor Mark admitted to having minimal fear in his life, the fear of being away from his family during times of crisis troubled him. However, this fear was not aligned with a spirit of trust in God's protection.

Surrendering Control

Pastor Mark’s revelation in the shower led him to surrender this fear to God. He recognized that even if he couldn't be physically present with his family, God's care and protection would always be with them. This act of repentance and surrender is a powerful lesson for us all. It challenges us to examine our own fears and trust that God is in control, even when circumstances seem dire.

Liberating Ourselves from Pride and Bondage

Overcoming Sin and Bondage

Apart from fear, pride can manifest in various areas of our lives, leading to sin and bondage. We may find ourselves entangled in habits or addictions that hinder our spiritual growth. Just as Gideon was called to cut down the Asherah pole, symbolic of idolatry, we, too, must confront the strongholds in our lives and seek deliverance.

The Promise of Deliverance

God promises to be our deliverer when we cry out to Him and repent of our sins. We can trust that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Whether our struggle is with pride, fear, or any other sin, God's grace is sufficient for our transformation. By placing our complete trust in Him, we can experience the freedom and liberation He offers.


Choosing humility over pride is a transformative decision that allows us to align our lives with God's will. Gideon's story serves as a powerful reminder that true strength comes from surrendering to God and trusting Him completely. As we confront our fears, examine our pride, and seek deliverance from sin, we can experience the freedom and peace that humility brings. Let us embrace humility, trust in God's providence, and allow Him to lead us on the path of righteousness.
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